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  • Vodafinally! Rural broadband has arrived... | RD4 The First Time

    Could RD4 The First Time finally have real rural broadband? Read on to find out...

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  • Cattle Dehorning Procedure: Physical Removal

    Physical or mechanical removal of the horns involves cutting part, or all of the horn off, and there is a higher risk of the horn re-growing.

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  • Country roads gonna kill me | RD4 The First Time

    Country roads gonna kill me | RD4 The First Time

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  • Choosing a campsite

    When out in the bush, picking the right campsite is important. Find out what makes a good campsite, and what makes an unsuitable one.

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  • Dual vaccination gun to save farmers time and money

    Second year Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) student Brendan Herries has developed a dual vaccination gun that will have many benefits for farmers; a device which has earned him the 2013 Fieldays Innovation Grassroots merit award.

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  • Drink Review: Isaac's Cider 1.25L

    Made traditionally by fermenting apples, the crisp sweet taste of cider is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. It is now one of my preferred weekend beverages, best served best ice cold whilst basking in the afternoon sun at the bach, beach or in the backyard.

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