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  • The problem with electric fences | RD4 The First Time

    A huge aspect of being a farmer involves fences. I think I’ve previously alluded to the fact that without fences you are not really a farmer.

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  • Can your chickens kill you? | RD4 The First Time

    After a recent bout of mystery sickness, The Rural's RD4 The First Time investigates the health problems associated with keeping chickens.

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  • Brassica Downy Mildew

    Downy mildew is a particularly virulent plant disease recognisable by yellow discolouration of the tops of the leaves, and a grey powdery coating on the underside. Learn how to prevent and treat it.

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  • Dry caving: Get out of your comfort zone

    A review of The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company’s Black Odyssey Tour - a dry caving adventure in Waitomo.

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  • Waikato farmers embracing Agrecovery rural recycling

    Federated Farmers is applauding the way Waikato farmers have embraced Agrecovery rural recycling. A record six tonne of hazardous horticultural, agricultural and veterinary chemicals was collected during the Waikato regional collection, finishing last week.

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  • Getting Naked in the kitchen...again

    Getting Naked in the kitchen...again

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