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Growing Vegetables by Sarah O'Neil - Review

15-Oct-2016 | Contributed by: Helen Stephens

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growing vegetables

Grow them, eat them, save the seeds and repeat the process. This book shows you how you can become a better gardener.

Once you've bought chickens, possibly a ride on lawnmower and fixed the terrible fences, most lifestylers focus on gardening. And why not? You've got your additional acre or two, usually just in the house paddock, so why not add a few dozen planter boxes and go to town....well, not literally - that's what lifestylers do during the week.

But on weekends, the garden is focus for many and for many it is not always that simple. The garden was always my responsibility, and still is, apart from the tomatoes. My husband is mad on tomatoes and even though we have downsized the size of the farm in our retirement, my husband's tomato crop is still just as large as ever, probably bigger now that he doesn't have 300 diary cows to milk.

Ignore the market garden of tomatos on our property and you will a huge range of year round vegetables, tended careful by one careful lady owner. However, my impressive garden (not my word's, but my townie son-in-law's) didn't happen overnight. Years of careful work went into preparing soils, understanding seasons and watering and many other things that I could probably write a book about. Luckily for you Sarah O'Neil did. 

Her book, Growing Vegetables: An easy guide for all seasons, is full of great advice that I'm sure many an experienced gardener would love to pass on...if they weren't so engrossed in their own crops. I will be passing my copy on to my lovely son-in-law to help him understand the intricacies to mastering his little back yard garden up there in Auckland. 

Broken down into seasons, and the seasons are broken down too, the book gives you handy advice and guidance for the many different growing stages throughout the year. There are sections on common diseases, insects and even some help foraging for your snacks as well.

This book is perfect for those of you that are looking to provide a way to provide a few meals or perhaps go as far to provide a season of nutritious delights from your own garden for your family. There really is nothing tastier than a pumpkin pie made from pumpkins you cared from a seed to right to the time it hit the table. Growing Vegetables by Sarah O'Neil gives you the resources to achieve that feeling for yourself.

Growing Vegetables: An easy guide for all seasons by Sarah O'Neil is published by New Holland Publishers and is availiable online here:

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