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Heyrex: Round the clock pet care

11-Jun-2013 | Contributed by: JJ McConnachie

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Heyrex computer data

Heyrex monitors your dog’s scratching, resting and activity levels, sending the data to your computer or smartphone.

If you are a believer in the old saying, “a dog is man’s best friend” then technology that could potentially save your dogs life, before you know your pooch is even in danger, is something that most dog lovers would at least consider.

Heyrex is New Zealand made and designed, and uses wifi technology to monitor and watch over your dog 24/7. At first it sounds like a spy tool – if you’ve ever wondered what your dog is getting up to while you are out, you can get a good idea with Heyrex. It monitors your dog’s scratching, resting and activity levels, so that when you get home to find your dog looking like its been sleeping all day, you’ll actually know if he has!

Heyrex seems to be more than a means to spy on your dog, however. It can help identify many health conditions that might be affecting your pooch, including degenerative joint disease, cardiac conditions and behavioural disorders. You can log onto your smartphone or computer to get an overview of the results, but best of all, it allows your vet to remotely monitor your dog’s treatment and behaviour at your home, from their clinic.

Changes in your dogs behaviour often go unnoticed, especially if they are gradual, and a device like this goes a long way to helping pick up on those subtle changes, to determine if there is anything wrong with your dog, medically. But there’s no point in having a fancy device if its not practical, so I did a little digging to see how it stacks up.

Having been a dog owner for much of my life, my first thought was how Heyrex holds up against the elements. When your dog jumps through mud and water, will the sensor get damaged? It seems not – Heyrex is 100% waterproof.

Moving on: my next thought was what happens for those with large sections, or when an owner takes their dog for a walk, out of wi-fi range. Will the data continue to collect, or will there be large holes? Apparently the Heyrex sensor, which sits on the dog’s collar, continues to collect data, and when it is back in range, the data is then uploaded onto the monitoring server to be accessed by the owner.

So, all up it seems like a great all-round device. At first glance it might seem a little gimmicky, but with the ability to pick up on your dog’s health changes, it is definitely something to consider.

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