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Is Chicken Manure Bad For Dogs?

12-Apr-2013 | Contributed by: JJ McConnachie

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To help keep your pooch safe, learn the effects of chicken poop and manure on your dog.

Chickens don’t actually urinate, and instead excrete everything in one go. The resulting chicken poop is high in N-P-K, making it great for manure. Manure from animals that eat meat should be avoided because it can contain bacteria that can spread to humans. Chickens are omnivores, but if given a mostly vegetarian diet their manure is generally free from these bacteria.

Even so, chicken poop can contain bacteria like salmonella. If eaten by your dog, it can cause diarrhoea, and other than the resulting mess, it can be spread from your pup to you. Not all chickens carry the bacteria though, so if you have chickens there is no reason not to have a dog, but it’s a good idea to discourage your dog from eating chicken faeces if you can, if only for their smelly breath!

Chicken manure is “hot”, and must be composted to avoid burning the plants. Because chicken manure is composted, it is generally a lot safer than raw chicken faeces, as long as it is composted properly. If not composted correctly, the manure can still contain harmful bacteria, which can be contracted if your dog eats it or even rolls in it. If you are doing your own composting, do your research and make sure you are following the correct manure composting procedure to keep you and your dog safe.

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