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Ken Ring's 2014 Weather Prediction

22-Aug-2013 | Contributed by: Guest Author

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New Zealand weather

Discover what weather to expect next year with Ken Ring's 2014 long range weather forecast.

If you are wondering what weather will be in store for New Zealand next year you are not alone. Many are concerned about second round of damaging droughts, and after such a mild winter for the upper North Island, others are wondering if the weather will continue to be mild, or if holiday plans will be spoilt with downpours.

Ken Ring's long-range weather forecasts have long been of interest to Kiwis, and to those unaware of the science behind them, eerily accurate. His 2013 Almanac predicted this summer's droughts, and the rains in April. Ken Ring's New Zealand Weather Almanac 2014 is set up like his others, with day by day predictions of the weather for an entire year. It is set up to be useful for a wide range of New Zealanders with regional guides, the best daily fish bite times, snowfall predictions, and daily gardening tips based on the predicted weather. It really covers all the bases, and if it is as accurate as previous years, its certainly a book to keep on your bookshelf for planning events throughout the year.

So, what weather is in store for us in 2014?

The 2013/2014 summer holiday period is predicted to be a wet one, and with Southland recovering from flooding at the end of the year, gumboots and brollies could be necessary. Most of the country can expect an up and down cycle of hot and wet weather for the first quarter. The rain is good news for those still dealing with the aftermath of 2013's drought, although it could put a damper on summer trips to the beach. The combination of warm temperatures and rain is further good news for farmers however, as growing conditions will be ideal.

Come winter, its looking good for skiers, with the first snows arriving in early June, but temperatures will vary wildly for the country. The North Island is expected to have another mild winter, while the South Island could be in for record cold temperatures. Rain this winter should be fairly mild around the country, although there may be a few small bouts of flooding.

Spring could start off chilly with a late snow dump, but temperatures should warm up and rain ease off to give the North Island its driest month. Coming into the end of 2014 summer, the summer heat waves of early 2014 are a thing of the past, with cool temperatures overall.

Sadly, if Ken Ring's predictions are correct, almost every public holiday in 2014 is looking wet - New Years, Easter, Queens Birthday, Labour Day, Christmas, Boxing Day are all expected to get rain, although Queens Birthday could be a good weekend to get out the skis and snowboard!

Ken Ring's New Zealand Weather Almanac 2014 is available from the 6th September 2014.

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