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Natural Flea Treatment

12-Apr-2013 | Contributed by: JJ McConnachie

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If you are unwilling to use harsh chemical treatments on your pet, consider some natural alternatives to flea treatment.

Fleabites can be nasty, and if your pet is showing signs of incessant scratching, fleas could be the cause. Sometimes you may not be able to find the fleas in your pet’s fur, but if you check behind the ears and around the base of the tail, you may see small black specs. These are flea faeces. You may also see little red bumps on your pet’s skin, which are fleabites.

Chemical flea treatments are readily available, but they are harsh, and if you are unwilling to use them, there are many effective natural treatments available for both the treatment and prevention of fleas.

Natural Flea Treatment

Diatomaceous earth: Non-toxic to your pet, diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of tiny ancient sea creatures. The particles are so small that they will not harm your pet, but they are lethal to insects. You can apply the powder to your pet’s bedding as well as the pet.

Homemade flea dip: Put two cups of fresh rosemary in one litre of boiling water and soak for thirty minutes. Use a strainer to remove the herbs from the water, then add another three litres of cool water to the liquid. Check the temperature to make sure the dip is not still too hot (but not too cold!), then pour it over your pet. Let your pet dry naturally. This dip is also a repellent.

Essential oils: Best used in conjunction with another natural treatment that kills fleas effectively. Massage lavender oil onto your pet’s skin to help heal and sooth the irritated skin. This will also act as a repellent.

Natural Flea Prevention

Garlic: Add some garlic into your pet’s diet to make them unattractive to fleas.

Brewers Yeast: Adding a Brewer’s Yeast tablet to your pet’s food acts as a repellent to fleas as the Brewer’s Yeast is excreted through the pet’s skin.

Salt: Regular cleaning of your pet’s bedding and the carpet can be an effective way to keep fleas at bay. To assist in this process, sprinkle some salt onto your carpet, leave it overnight, then vacuum it up.

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