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Review | Seasons of Erewhon

10-Nov-2015 | Contributed by: Editor - Drew Thompson

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erewhon station

Seasons of Erewhon - The Enduring Legacy of a High-Country Station. Text by Yvonne Martin. Photography by David Hallett


It's the best way to describe this amazing place.

Following on from books on other epic stations, the monolithic Erewhon station, at the headwaters of the Rangitata River in Canterbury, is next to showcase it's breath taking scenery. 

When you are farming 13,500 hectares, you would be forgiven for buying and using as much technology as you possibly could given such expanse. However, this is not the case with this station. The farms tag line that greets you on the first page, or if you are lucky enough to stay there, is 'Home of the Working Horse'.

Given the current economy farmers have had to develop better and more efficient ways to produce items for sale. On Erewhon it came down to a combination of using its resources in the best way and being environmentally conscious at the same time.

Farm tours and stays are just part and parcel of massive land holdings these days. Town folk read books like this one and see all the amazing scenery photography and can't but help themselves. The dream of owning a small farm is one that a few people can achieve. The dream of running a high country station is just that a dream. There are only a select few that are able to acheive such a feat.

The current owners are part of an elite group of massive land farmers that not only live their dream every day, but they have made it a successful business venture too.

One of the endearing elements of Erewhon is how they use their working horses. From tourists getting a toured around the property to musters to using a team of eight clydesdales to plow - horses are an essential element on this station. 

Seasons of Erewhon is a wonderfully crafted publication that demonstrates just how amazing this part of the world really is. You, and anyone who comes to your house, will find themselves thumbing through this book for great lengths of time. Who knows, it may even inspire you to trade in your 60 minute commute for a life a little more enjoyable.

Seasons of Erewhon by Yvonne Martin and David Hallett is published by Penguin Random House New Zealand, RRP$65.00

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