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Rural Broadband Options in New Zealand - updated Sep 2016

10-Jun-2015 | Contributed by: Editor - Drew Thompson

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Rural Broadband

With the RBI (Rural Broadband Initiative) going full-steam ahead, getting broadband in rural areas is getting easier...or so we are led to believe.

What is the Best Rural Broadband in NZ?

We are always looking to keep this list up to date, therefore if you if you have anything to add, we would love to hear from you. You can either post a comment below or email - ED - SEP 2016 

Updated BlueDoor Sep 2016.

Regional Rural Broadband Options

If you live in these areas you are quite special and therefore eligible for some RBI deals that are comparative (sort of) to what those smug town folk can get.

WheroNet - Onewhero
A wireless ISP based in the Onewhero area (North Waikato), and can offer support to set up bespoke networks anywhere in New Zealand.

Basic plans and prices are:
$65 20GB
$75 40GB
$90 80GB
$120 160GB
For more details call 09 232 8282 or see

Velocitynet - Southland
Provide Rural Internet utilising a network of towers being fed by fibre from Rural schools in the province.
Providing RBI services along with dedicated towers.
Installing fibre into pockets of our community where there is sufficient local interest.
Check out for more information

Rural Wireless - Manawatu, Tararua & Horowhenua 
Locally owned and dedicated to providing a quality high speed wireless broadband service with a bunch of great packages:


For more details, visit their site here.

PrimoWireless – Taranaki 

Rural Residential Wireless
Starts at 30GB for $49 and goes right up to a massive 400GB for $159, including free off peak data.  Free install on 24 month contract.
Taranaki's Regional Service Provider for Ultra-Fast Fibre and RBI, connecting Taranaki homes and businesses for 10 years so you can have access to faster broadband.
You can see their full range of internet options on their website.

WIZwireless - Wairarapa 

WIZwireless’s network covers the Wairarapa and Tararua districts. Their plans require a line of site to the towers, so if you are in a hilly or tree-dense area you may not be able to sign up. Installation costs from $199 on a 12 month contract, and their plans give you a decent amount of data...great if you live there.

  • Entry plan: 40GB for $90 / month
  • Freedom plan: 150GB for $125 / month
They also have some other options for larger consumption. - Manawatu
Inspire Net is a Manawatu based service provider supplying services to all of New Zealand.  In their local strong-hold areas (Whanganui, Rangitikei, Ruapehu, Central Hawkes Bay, Tararua, Horowhenua, Wairarapa, Blenheim) they have been Manawatu’s primary internet service provider for over 15 years...and apologies to them and their loyal fans for forgetting them...twice! 

It's not often you find a telco that people actually like. These guys have actual fans, which means they must be doing something right. Probably our pick of the bunch for local suppliers and they have some amazing rates - see below. 

Wireless plans start from $70 for 50GB

Ultimate Broadband - Canterbury 

Ultimate Broadband has a few broadband options depending on where you are located.

Packages start from $59 for 60GB p/m up to $139 for 500GB.

Installations costs vary depending on the contract length you sign up for.

If you are a mid-Canterbury rural dweller, you may be able to have access to Ultimate Broadband’s Ruralnet Ultra plans which are super choice.

Lightwire - Formerly No.8 Wireless - Waikato 

Available for the greater rural Waikato area, No.8 offers wireless broadband if you are currently unable to get ADSL broadband. It involves installing a wireless receiver on your roof to transmit. For No.8’s technology to work a direct line of site to the towers (from your roof) is necessary. If you are surrounded by trees, you may have an issue, but otherwise No.8 wireless could be an easy broadband option.

There is an installation cost of  is now only $99 and three plans are available:

  • 50GB for $70 /month
  • 125GB for $90 /month
  • 300GB for $110 / month
  • And the new one - 750GB for $155 in case you want to binge watch all of Breaking Bad.

Compass Wireless - Auckland City, South Auckland, the North Shore, Tauranga, Rotorua, the Waikite Valley, Reporoa, Nelson, Christchurch, Frankton, Arrowtown and some locations in Queenstown

Available in a variety of regional locations, Compass Wireless claims to be the broadband choice for "hard to reach places", so if you are struggling to get internet in your rural location, and you are in one of the above areas, maybe give these guys a call. Their plan prices are based on speeds and data.

They appear to have cut down their offerings into three bite size packs. Like most RBI offerings there are some solid set up fees. Visit the link for more information.

  • 25GB from $61 / month

Netspeed  -  Canterbury, Oamaru, Dunedin and Wanaka
NetSpeed Wireless Broadband connections are available for clients with a clear line of sight to one of their wireless transmitters Canterbury, Oamaru, Dunedin and Wanaka, you don't need a phone line, no contracts, wireless router is included, full speed and fixed IP address. They do a on peak/off peak split for your data - So if some of your browsing is 10PM TO 7AM this plan may be attractive to you...

Wireless Plans
NS5 – gives you 10GB for $29.95 p/m
NS10 – gives you 10GB for $39.95 p/m
NS20 – gives you 10GB for $49.95 p/m
NS40 – gives you 10GB for $59.95 p/m
NS60 – gives you 10GB for $69.95 p/m
NS100 – gives you 10GB for $89.95 p/m
NS200 – gives you 10GB for $129.95 p/m
NS300 – gives you 10GB for $159.95 p/m
NS500 – gives you 10GB for $199.95 p/m
NS1000 – gives you 10GB for $299.95 p/m
RBI Plans NATIONWIDE, with a standard installation fee priced from $250 depending on your individual site and/or connection requirements, you don't need a phone line, no contracts, wireless router is included, full speed and fixed IP address.
Again the RBI plans are half on peak, half off peak. 
RBI Plans:

Starting from $80 for 30GB on peak, 30GB off peak.

We missed this one, but thanks to Mitchell here's an option for those of you in Gisborne area.

A network of repeaters ensures fast reliable internet throughout the East Coast Region.
Service areas include most parts of Poverty Bay, Wairoa, Mahia and most inland areas.

Monthly plans start from as low as $75+ GST for uncapped high speed data.

Still can't find a regional option?

Below is a list of companies who specialise in providing broadband to other parts of rural New Zealand.
There's a very good chance that if none of the above can help, this list should hopefully solve your issues.

New Zealand Wide Rural Broadband Options

So you don't live in of the above regions? Bugger. Head to the 'big' guys. There are some deals to be had, but with all things 'rurally internetterly' based, they are not available in all areas. 

BlueDoor Ltd Creative Cloud Communications

Fast Wireless Rural Broadband & Landline sevices using the latest technology.
Unlimited Plans available
Providing WiFi solution - extend your Broadband range - up to 5km.
Call us on 0800 BLUEDOOR to arrange a visit and demonstrate the valued difference we can make.
Check our website for more products and services. 


Farmside specialises in rural telecommunications throughout all New Zealand, and has a number of rural broadband options depending on your location and needs.

The three options are :

Satellite broadband
Plans start at  1GB Data  for $57.34 p/m and go up to 24GB data plus 50GB offpeak (12am to 2am) + 1000 mins of calls NZ/AUS/UK landlines for $302.99 p/m.

Wireless broadband 
Starts at 30GB (+ 20GB off peak 12am to 6am) for $91.99 p/m up to 80GB Data +50GB Off Peak Data (midnight - 6am) + Free calling to all NZ landlines $105.99 p/m

ADSL options 
  • Unlimited Data (Naked Broadband) $84.99 p/m
  • 40GB Data + landline included $83.99 p/m
  • Unlimited Data + landline included $94.99 p/m  or call 0800 32 76 74


Being one of the big telcos, Vodafone is one of the companies most people call first to try and get broadband. They do not offer satellite options, and require a line of site to their towers. Towers around the country are being upgraded however, so if you don’t have coverage yet, it may pay to check if you will soon. With the RBI scheme, Vodafone is becoming more and more viable as a rural broadband option.  Installation involves an aerial on the roof, and a standard installation fee costs you over $200. If you have unusual architecture, you may need to pay a premium installation fee of $598. Contact Vodafone for what defines 'unusual'.

Vodafone has a rural broadband plan on a 24 month term and don't even think about trying to get out of it.

  • Your only option now is 80GB for $100 / month - without a phone line...and according to our blogger 2mb/s download speeds are 'acceptable'.  (Ed: Seems things are much better now - 50mb/s is actually achieveable now. Amazing! )

Wireless Nation

With the ability to deliver broadband to nearly every area in New Zealand, Wireless Nation could be a good choice for many. They use satellite technology and line of site is rarely an issue. 

A Wireless Nation self install 4G RBI costs:

  • 30GB for $69+GST / month plus 50GB free off peak.
  • 50GB for $79+GST / month plus 50GB free off peak
  • 80GB for $89+GST / month plus 50GB free off peak
  • 150GB for $169+GST / month plus 50GB free off peak

It should be noted, that these plans are 12 month contracts, where others lock you in for 24 months.

Satellite Plans, with $399+GST minimum installation fee:
  • 6GB for $99+GST / month
  • 10GB for $129+GST / month
  • 14GB for $169+GST / month
  • 18GB for $169+GST / month


Netspeed Rural Broadband connections can connect you almost anywhere in New Zealand, you don't need a phone line, no contracts, wireless router is included, full speed and fixed IP address.
RBI Plans, with a standard installation fee priced from $250 depending on your individual site and/or connection requirements.
The RBI plans are half on peak, half off peak. So if some of your browsing is 10PM TO 7AM this plan may be attractive to you...
3G RB30 - gives you 60GB for $79.95 p/m
3G RB35 - gives you 70GB for $89.95 p/m
3/4G RB80 - gives you 130GB for $99.95 p/m
3/4G RB85 - gives you 135GB for $109.95 p/m
3/4G RB90 - gives you 140GB for $119.95 p/m

Other Rural Broadband Options

The below broadband providers do not have specific rural broadband options, and therefore don't care about rural New Zealand...prove us wrong, guys! :) You might as well contact them in case you have coverage for one of their standard plans.

All prices were taken off individual provider websites and are subject to change. For up-to-date prices, contact the providers directly. The Rural takes no responsibility for any errors on prices...or cynical comments made about rural broadband in general.

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