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How fast do tomatoes propagated from laterals grow?

26-Nov-2013 | Contributed by: JJ McConnachie

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tomato lateral

This lateral was planted three weeks ago, and has grown incredibly fast.

A little while ago, I used a tomato lateral to propagate a new plant. Three weeks since I filmed potting up the small lateral, it has taken off with all the warm weather we've been having. 

Propagating from laterals is a great way to have a constant supply of tomatoes. If you plant all your tomatoes at once, they will all ripen at once, but by using laterals, you can easily grow some new plants that will ripen later, without having to bother with the fuss of planting from seed.

When propagating from laterals instead of planting from seeds, you will save well over a month's worth of time, depending on how large the lateral you are propagating is. The variety of seeds I used (Moneymaker) takes 2-3 weeks to germinate, and at least another few weeks of growth to get to the lateral size that I propagated with.

I also planted some Moneymakers from seedlings, and it certainly seems like the lateral has grown faster, and been a lot hardier, than seedlings of similar heights.

All-in-all, if you are growing tomatoes, this is a worthwhile exercise!

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