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Lincoln University launches Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing

13-Nov-2013 | Contributed by: Guest Author

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Lincoln University has launched the new Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing.

Under the guiding principles of Feed the World, Protect the Future, Live Well, Lincoln University has recently undergone a significant review of its undergraduate programmes. The comprehensive review was part of the University’s commitment to ensure that its qualifications remain relevant to the demands, challenges, opportunities and considerations of the land-based industries in New Zealand and the wider world.

Lincoln University continues to have a strong focus in agricultural commerce; particularly through the Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture), which sees many graduates entering careers that are either farm gate or close to farm gate – such as the service industries or rural banking in particular.

The success of the BCom (Ag) comes from the underlying philosophy that to understand the business of agriculture one must also understand agricultural technologies. However, after industry consultation it was felt that there was perhaps an educational gap of sorts in the post-farm gate processing and marketing of food products.

As such, Lincoln University has launched the new Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing (BAFM). The key philosophy of this new degree is to understand the key principles of food processing, food safety, human nutrition, how global consumers think, and the commercial considerations of the food industry as a whole. In short, it involves the application of business principles to the overall global food system.

There is an increasing understanding of the importance to the economy of agriculture and food, and an increasing recognition of the many exciting careers available in the primary sector. It’s hoped this new degree will have particular appeal to urban students as well as students from growing international economies such as China, India and Russia.

More information on the BAFM degree can be found at

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