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What to do if your tomato plant breaks

27-Nov-2013 | Contributed by: JJ McConnachie

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Broken tomato plant

This tomato plant was damaged, but regrew itself from a very small piece of stalk.

We had some strong wind about a month ago, and I came out to find one of my tomato plants, that was still small and had only just been put outside, snapped in half.

I considered removing the plant (after all, with 28 other tomato plants growing, it wasn't too much of a loss), but knowing how hardy these plants are, and their ability to regrow, I discarded the top half (due to lack of space) and left the stumpy end in the soil.

I must admit that I didn't expect much from it, but if you have a look at the above photo, you will see that the plant has flourished!

And if you look at the below photo, you can see exactly where the original broken piece is:

The small remaining piece of tomato stalk actually grew a brand new stalk and main branches off the original one. It is now a very stable plant, which will require potting up soon. I imagine that if I had replanted the top half of the broken plant in the same manner as propagating laterals, it would have flourished too.

So, if any of your tomato plants are damaged, don't discard them. Simply let them grow, and watch them flourish once more!

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