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How to make a rabbit snare trap

09-May-2013 | Contributed by: Nick Carnachan

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Rabbit snare

This easy to make trap is an effective way to catch live rabbits in the wild, and a great survival technique if you find yourself lost and in need of food.

Building the Trap

Equipment Tie/lacing wire (19 Gauge 1mm), wire snips, string


Rabbit snare step 1

Cut about 50cm of wire.


Rabbit snare step 2

Make a wee loop about 2.5cm from the end twist several times to ensure loop is strong. 


Rabbit snare step 3

Bring other end of the wire through the loop.


Rabbit snare step 4

Repeat step 2 again with other end of wire.


Rabbit snare step 5

Tie string to the second loop.

I recommend you take some wire in your survival pack to make this noose but in a survival situation a boot lace of piece of string can be used replacing the wire.

Setting the Trap

Look for tracks where rabbits have been running. Often close to where they are drinking provides good success.

Hold the loop up using a stick or some wire etc. Often an extra bit of wire is tied to the second loop to act as a stake to hold loop up. It is important to set the trap at a good height as you are trying to catch the rabbit around the neck. A rule of thumb is to make the noose about a hands width. Make sure the end of the string is firmly staked into the ground or tied to a shrub etc.  Make sure the loop is propped 7-8cm off the ground.

The more traps you set the better your chances are. It is very important that you check traps daily and never leave them. These are to be used as a way of catching game in a survival situation so I don’t recommend using them unless such a situation arises.

When it comes to killing the rabbit please do so in the most humane way possible, preferably with a rifle. 

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