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All About Boer Goats

27-Sep-2016 | Contributed by: Guest Author

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Boer goats

Boer goats are the best meat goat, as they have been specifically bred for this purpose.

Boer Goat History

Indigenous of South Africa, Boer goat embryos were first imported into New Zealand in 1987. During the 1980s New Zealand had a goat farming boom, but numbers of all goat breeds have since dropped. Regardless, Boer goats make an excellent choice for farmers and lifestyle blockers, with their popularity skewed towards lifestyle block owners.

Boer Goat Appearance

Boers goats are usually white with a brown head. Their ears are long and flop down, and their coat is short. They are a large breed of goat, and usually polled, making dehorning unnecessary.

Boer Goat Features

All breeds of goats can product meat, but Boer goats have been specifically bred for their meat. If you are wanting to raise goats for their meat, then Boer goats are the ideal goat breed to pick. Goat meat is lean (much leaner than lamb), and while it is not widely consumed in New Zealand, around the work it is very popular, so export potential for Boer goat meat is high. Boer goats are best slaughtered at eight months old, and their carcass weight can be anywhere from 14 to 18kg.

Boer goats are good breeders, with does being good mothers, and highly fertile. Boer goats are fast growing and docile.

Other than meat, Boer goats made excellent weed controllers for your land. They are hardy and suitable for a range of conditions (but do best where it is dry), and are excellent lawnmowers, and can control scrub weeds like blackberry and gorse.

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