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Cattle Breeds in New Zealand

14-Nov-2013 | Contributed by: Guest Author

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Angus bull

Angus cattle are New Zealand's most popular beef breed.

There are many cattle breeds in New Zealand, and when picking which one is right for your farm, you'll need to consider the purpose of the cattle, your land size, and what they are like to manage. If you are a first-time farmer, then picking a breed that is easy to handle will go a long way in helping you be successful in keeping cattle.

 Angus   Meat   Hardy, suitable for extensive grazing.   New Zealand Angus Association Inc 
 Aubrac   Meat   Hardy, suitable for extensive grazing, with limited fodder.   Aubrac Cattle Breeders  
 Australian Lowline   Meat   Docile, hardy, small, naturally polled.   Australian Lowline Cattle Association 
 Ayrshire   Milk  Good temperament, hardy, good forager, milk ideal for cheese.    Ayrshire New Zealand 
 Belgian Blue   Meat   High prime cut carcass yield, docile.   Belgian Blue Cattle Society of New Zealand  
 Belted Galloway   Meat   Hardy, disease resistant, lean carcass.   Galloway Cattle Society of New Zealand 
 Blonde d'Aquitaine   Meat   Docile, hardy, suitable for rough terrain.   Blonde d’Aquitaine Society of Australia and NZ   
 Brown Swiss   Milk & Meat   Dual purpose, docile, hardy, late maturing.   Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Associations of NZ 
 Charolais   Meat   Hardy, high weight gain, lean meat, good carcass yield.  NZ Charolais Cattle Society Inc  
 Chianina   Meat   Docile, horned, large, high lean and prime cut meat.   New Zealand Chianina Cattle Breeders Society  
 Devon   Meat   Docile, muscular, hardy, heat tolerant, adaptable.   NZ Red Devon Cattle Breeders Association 
 Dexter   Milk & Meat   Small, easy to handle, high quality milk and meat. Devon Cattle Society 
 Friesian   Milk   High milk production, milk ideal for cheese, adaptable.   Holstein Friesian New Zealand 
 Galloway   Meat   Suitable for high country, hardy, good forager, cows with calves can be temperamental.   Galloway Cattle Society of New Zealand  
 Gelbvieh   Meat & Milk  Docile, fast growing, fertile, good milk production, good conversion on poor pastures.   Gelbvieh Cattle Breeders Society of NZ  
 Guernsey   Milk   Docile, easy to manage, high-quality milk, small, naturally horned.   The New Zealand Guernsey Cattle Breeders Association 
 Hereford   Meat   Docile, suitable for intensive farming, fertile, good forager.   New Zealand Hereford Association 
 Highland  Milk   Hardy, suitable in extreme weather and rough conditions, easy-care, horned.  New Zealand Highland Cattle Society 
 Jersey   Milk   Docile, small, good milk production, high milkfat content.   Jersey New Zealand 
 Limousin   Meat   Hardy, good forager, fertile, early slaughter age, fast growing, horned (there is a polled variety).   Limousin Beef Breeders Society 
 Maine-Anjou   Meat (but has good milk production)  Easy to handle, hardy, high growth rate, lean & tender meat.   New Zealand Maine Anjou Cattle Society 
 Mandalong Special   Meat   High growth rate, high carcass yield, early maturity.    
 Marchigiana   Milk   High growth rate, good milk production, docile, good for hill country and extreme climates.   Marchigiana Society 
 Meuse Rhine Issel   Meat & Milk   Docile, hardy, high milk quantity, good growth rates and carcass yield.    
 Murray Grey   Meat   Hardy, early maturity, docile, good growth rate, good carcass yield.    New Zealand Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society
 Parthenais   Meat   Hardy, disease resistant, fertile, good on a variety of terrain, low-cholesterol meat.    Parthenaise Society of New Zealand 
 Piedmontese   Meat   Docile, hardy, high growth rate, often double muscled, high carcass yield.    The Piedmontese Society
 Red Poll   Meat & Milk  Docile, hardy, suitable for veal, good milk production, tender meat.    New Zealand Red Poll Cattle Breeders Association 
 Salers   Meat & Milk   Hardy, good forager, good for intensive farming, highly fertile, good milk production but mostly used for beef, high growth rate and carcass yield.   New Zealand Salers Society 
 Romagnola   Meat   High growth rate, large, good in extreme weather, good carcass yield.   New Zealand Romagnola Society 
 Santa Gertrudis   Meat   Heat resistant, fertile, good carcass yield, even fat distribution.   Santa Gertrudis Breeders Association of New Zealand Inc 
 Shaver Beefblend   Meat   Fertile, high growth rates, high carcass yield, excellent meat quality, suitable for crossbreeding.   Shaver Genetics 
 Shorthorn   Meat & Milk   Docile, good growth rate, good milk production, lean meat.  NZ Shorthorn Association  
 Simmental   Milk   Good milk production, early maturing, fertile, muscular, docile.   Simmental NZ 
 South Devon   Meat & Milk  Hardy, docile, fertile, good growth rates, good quality meat.   South Devon Cattle Society of New Zealand 
 Sussex   Meat   Docile, drought tolerant, fertile, high quality meat, polled variety.   Sussex Society 
 Texas Longhorn   Meat   Hardy, suitable for a variety of climates, docile, slow growing, lean carcass.    
 Wagyu   Meat   Docile, early maturing, suitable for a variety of climates, high marbling in meat.    New Zealand Wagyu Breeders Association Inc 
 Welsh Black   Meat & Milk  Suitable for hill country, docile, fertile, good growth rate, high carcass yields, lean meat.   Welsh Black Cattle Breeders Society of New Zealand 

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