From farming stock to lifestyle blocks


Agbrand Products

Quality New Zealand made stockfeeders manufactured and distributed by Clevedon company Agbrand products. Includes over 20 different variations, suitable for cattle, sheep, deer and horses. 100% New Zealand made, designed by farmers and used by farmers for over 17 years.

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AgResearch Ltd

​AgResearch is one of New Zealand's leading research organisations. Our purpose is to enhance the value, productivity and profitability of New Zealand’s pastoral, agri-food and agri-technology sector value-chains to contribute to economic growth and beneficial environmental and social outcomes for New Zealand.

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AgriFert offers consulting services and an extensive supply of fertilisers(solid/liquid) and animal products. AgriFert understands the inportant of nurturing soil in an environmentally controlled manner and provides soil and herbage testing, as well as makes informed recommendations.

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Specialists in Agricultural rubber matting, "Agrimat" has been proven successful for over 10 years in New Zealand farms. With the widest range of products to suit your specific needs, you'll find rubber matting a lifetime investment.

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AgriSea New Zealand Ltd

Agrisea is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated multi-award winning company. Agrisea manufactures quality liquid deaweed concentrates from a New Zealand sustainable native seaweed for agriculture and horticulture.

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Anna Williams - Oriental Rug Repairs

Repair, mend, restore and wall-mount all kinds of handmade of carpets, rugs, kelims and soumaks, antiques etc... A professional Oriental Rug Repairer and Restorer who regularly visits Turkey and Iran to study with rug restorers for professional development and to purchase top quality yarns, wools, cottons and silks.

EXPERIENCE: Since 1992 she has been repairing handmade carpets and rugs from all over New Zealand.

PRICES: All carpets are so different - but she will give free quotes and estimates once the rugs have been examined in the Wellington City workshop.

Find her on Facebook. Anna Williams (Oriental Rug Repairer)

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Architectural Design Services

I live and work in a rural area offering architectural design and building surveying services to any that are interested. My fees are very competative as I am fully aware of the huge financial constraints put on those trying to make a living in the rural areas on New Zealand. If you are interested in adding to or altering your property, or wanting something new, call me for a chat.

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