From farming stock to lifestyle blocks

Educational Courses

Looking to upgrade your skill set? Consider taking a course in agriculture & farming studies. You can study almost anything: viticulture, forestry, horticulture, environmental studies, wool handling, equine and much more.

NZ Certificate in Agriculture (Livestock Husbandry, Deer)

The NZ Certificate in Agriculture (Livestock Husbandry, Deer) is a 12 month level 3 training course designed for farmers, farm workers and managers who wish to farm deer safely, efficiently and profitably. 

Each course begins with a 3-day block training course, followed by a second course six months later. The block courses include: + formal tuition in deer behaviour, nutrition, breeding and genetics, deer health and management + visits to top deer farms + hands-on experience with deer. 

Participants will be able to apply what they have learned while working on a deer farm where they will be assessed by a visiting Primary ITO tutor. The on-farm assessments make up about 80% of the course requirements. 

The course is being managed by the Primary ITO, and presented by Agribusiness Training Ltd, with assistance from Deer Industry New Zealand staff, leading deer farmers and veterinarians. Those who complete it will come away with a NZ Certificate in Agriculture (Livestock Husbandry, Deer). Block course fees will be supported in part by sponsorship from New Zealand Deer Farmers Association branches and other deer industry organisations and service companies. 

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Generate Certificate in Rural Leadership

The Generate Program is designed for people who wish to develop their leadership skills, allowing them to participate more effectively in rural communities and organisations. 

Program participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds - they may work on a farm, in the rural servicing sector, or be involved in the rural corporate world. Generate is delivered across New Zealand by experienced, talented facilitators. 

The program is based on 9 modules which are taught over approximately 9 classes. Groups meet on a day and time to suit the majority of the participants. 

By the end of the programme, participants will have gained the confidence to work as leaders in agribussiness and rural organisations, and build skills to: 

  • Communicate and plan effectively 

  •  Take on a new role 

  •  Make meetings work 

  •  Cope with change 

  •  Build a team 

  •  Deal with conflict 

Generate will push you to where you want to be!

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National Certificate in Agriculture - Level 4

This qualification allows students to spend more time learning on the job whilst placed on farms in the campus region. This is offered at our Wairarapa, Taranaki, Northland and Hawke's Bay campuses. Students can study full or part time. 

It is supported with a theory component delivered by qualified tutors with relevant industry experience. Study at this level is more self-directed, and requires students to be analytical in their approach to comparing and understanding farm management practices. 

The core compulsory section includes more understanding of a vast array of farming practices. This experience and knowledge is used to construct a detailed farm report which is a major component of this qualification. This programme can also be completed extramurally, with Taratahi staff visiting students while in full-time farming employment.

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National Certificate in Farming Skills (Work Ready)

This qualification will provide students with a broad range of skills from across the industry. Learners have the option to specialise in either sheep or diary training. 


  • Stock Handling
  • Rural Health and Safety
  • Agri-vehicles
  • Pasture Production and Feeding
  • Farm Maintenance
  • Fencing
  • Farm Production 
The courses are split into three strands – theory, technical skills and practical farm work. This helps the students to get a good mix of essential skills and knowledge –in the classroom, in the workshop and on the farm. After graduating students are able to continue onto higher study or move into a variety of agricultural careers

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Certificate in General Farm Skills

Do you work on the land, have a lifestyle block and want to learn new skills or perhaps get a qualification? Wanting to upskill so you can do basic jobs around your home and property? 

Taratahi, in partnership with EIT, are offering a part-time qualification, the Certificate in General Farm Skills Level 3. '

We offer weekday or weekend training in a range of general farm skills: 

  • Operating Chainsaws
  • Operating and Handling ATVS
  • Operating Tractors
  • Fencing Skills
  • Health and Safety 

Whether you are a keen gardener wanting to be able to do all the basics yourself, a farmer, a lifestyler requiring the skills to manage your property, or are sick of waiting for your partner to get around to those odd jobs - this course is ideal for you!

Covering H&S, ATVs, Chainsaws, Tractors, Fencing at NZQA Level 3.

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National Certificate in Rural Servicing (Grain, Seeds and Crops) (Level 5)

Suitable for anyone working in the rural servicing industry who wish to specialise in the area of grain, seeds and crops. Recommended for Specialists/Consultants.

Topics include:

- The skills and knowledge required to determine soil and fertiliser requirements for growing grains
- Advising clients on their crop selection, inputs and production

Duration: 18 months

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National Certificate in Retail (Level 4)

Suitable for anyone working in a supervisory or management role in a retail environment. Recommended for Rural Retail Store Managers.

Key topics:

- The skills and knowledge required to plan, organise, and manage a retail environment
- Elective topics include allocating work, computing, on job training, communication, merchandising, marketing, finance, selling and stock control.

Duration : 18 months

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